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1. History of PS GasCondOil creation (rus)

2. Comparison of GKN and HYSYS in the field of oil and gas field technologies, 2016 (rus)

System description

1. Brief description of the GasCondOil-Program

2. Brief description of the GasOilTrans (rus)

3. About PS GasCondOil

4. Briefly about FORECAST Complex Gas Treatment Unit (rus)

Manuals, additions and recommendations

1. Manual for the PS GasCondOil version 4.4 (rus)

2. Recommendations to users of thePS GasCondOil (rus)

3. Addendum to the Manual (rus)  

4. About the heat exchange subsystem at the PS GasCondOil (rus)  

5. INSTRUCTIONS for predicting work of the Complex Gas Treatment Unit (rus)

Calculation examples

1. Example 1.

2. Example 2.

3. Example 3.

4. Example 4.

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Engineering calculation models of technological environments of gas processing:


1. Phase state liquid - vapor, 1990 (rus)

2. Caloric properties, 1991 (rus)

3. Density of gas and liquid mixtures, 1991 (rus)

4. Viscosity, thermal conductivity and surface tension, 1991 (rus)


Issues of the adequacy of the thermophysical base of the software systems HYSYS, PRO-2 and GasCondOil:


1. Hydrocarbon mixtures, 1999 (rus)

2. Mixtures of hydrocarbons, water, methanol, glycols and salts, 2000 (rus)

3. Modeling the composition and properties of natural hydrocarbon raw materials, 2000 (rus)

4. Calculated and actual data for the installation of low-temperature separation of natural gas, 2005 (rus)

5. Problems of choosing computational models for gas- and oilfield technological environments, 2006 (rus)

6. Additional comparisons of calculated and experimental data on the mutual solubility of the components of field technological media, 2007 (rus)




1. Calculated and actual pressure drops in two-phase oil and gas transport, 2001 (rus)

2. To the determination of the temperature of hydrate formation in wet natural gas, 2001 (rus)

3. Modeling the phase behavior of hydrocarbons, 2003 (rus)


Examples of using PS GasCondOil

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2. Technological preparation of design work at Montazhtransgaz LLC (rus)



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