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Scientific and Technical Firm THERMOGAS Ltd. that performs : Calculating theoretical researchs Methodic and software developments Implementation into engineering practice for automation of Technological Calculations in Gas and Oil Industry.

The sphere of the THERMOGAS Ltd. activity includes:

- collecting, systematization and writing into data bank of experimental data for phase equilibrium and properties of hydrocarbons and other substances ;
- analysis and selection of calculating methods for phase equilibrium of hydrocarbon mixtures and properties of gases and liquids with help of data bank ;
- development of software for engineering calculations of phase behavior, properties and technological processes in field-transportation and gathering, treatment and processing of natural gas and oil .

The main Software product of THERMOGAS Ltd. is GasCondOil - Program. These Software is scientific product that bases on thermodynamic simulation and programming of phase behavior of gas-condensate and gas-oil systems, properties of gas and liquids, technological processes in natural gas and oil field-treatment and processing industry. It helps to design and update for gas field and oil field constructions and to find the most effective technological solutions .

Dr Oleg V. Kalashnikov

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